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Business Matching: Identify potential Indian business partners, suppliers, distributors, or customers for your specific requirements. Facilitate meetings, negotiations, and partnerships between you and Indian companies.

Government Liaison: Act as a bridge between you and various government departments and agencies in India. Assist in establishing relationships, communicating with government officials, and navigating bureaucratic processes. 

Networking and Events: Organize business networking events, seminars, and conferences to facilitate interactions between you and Indian companies. Create platforms for knowledge sharing, collaborations, and building industry connections.

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Market Research and Analysis: Conduct in-depth market research and analysis to help you understand the Indian market landscape, including industry trends, competitive analysis, and potential opportunities.

Investment Advisory: Offer advice and guidance to companies interested in investment opportunities in India. Provide insights into investment policies, incentives, and sectors that align with your business objectives.

Government Incentives and Subsidies: Identify and assist you in accessing various government incentives, subsidies, and grants available to promote investments and collaborations. 

Operation in India

Regulatory Compliance: Provide guidance on regulatory frameworks, legal requirements, and compliance procedures in India. Help you navigate the complexities of local laws and regulations, ensuring adherence to all necessary permits, licenses, and certifications. 

Project Management: Provide project management support for companies aiming to establish operations or execute specific projects in India. Assist with logistics, vendor selection, team setup, and project execution.

Policy Advocacy: Represent the interests of foreign companies by engaging with relevant industry associations and lobbying for policy changes or reforms that positively impact foreign businesses in India.