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Advantech Partners with Tamil Nadu Government to Cultivate Edge Computing Technology Ecosystems

INJEEV facilitated a crucial meeting between Advantech's CEO Office for Emerging Business Development and representatives from Tamil Nadu's Startup TN and Guidance TN units. The focus of the discussion centered on potential collaborations in establishing research and development (R&D) centers and nurturing startup initiatives within the state. Recognizing Tamil Nadu as a dynamic innovation hub within India, Advantech expressed keen interest in becoming part of the state's burgeoning innovation ecosystem, and articulated its vision of building Edge Computing Technology Ecosystems, highlighting the strategic significance of leveraging Tamil Nadu's vibrant innovation landscape.

Discover India: Tech Startup Forum (Webinar) 

Throughout the gathering, Tamil Nadu's government presented India's startup policies and market landscape. Top-notch startup teams from the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) showcased their business models in applying SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). Furthermore, entrepreneurs from diverse sectors like electric vehicles (EV), financial technology (FinTech), artificial intelligence (AI), and smart machinery, among others, within India's tech startup community, imparted their experiences and perspectives.

Fanwei Yu, the Director of SenseTime/ SEMI High-Tech Facility Committee, visited INJEEV.

Irene Lai, the VP of TGVest Capital, visited INJEEV.

INJEEV met with Prof. Liang-Gee Chen, the Former Minister of Science and Technology/Chairman of Taiwan Digital Health Industry Development Association/ the board of directors of Vanguard International Semiconductor, Qisda, Nuvoton, Himax Technologies, Ganzin Technology and EVERLIGHT.

INJEEV participated the book launch by Prof. Liang-Gee Chen and Mrs. Chen.(Distinguished Guest: Dr. C.C. Wei, President/CEO of tsmc)

INJEEV met with Sivarajah Ramanathan, Mission Director & CEO of StartupTN.

National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) and National Applied Research Laboratories (NARL) visited INJEEV.

Dr. Leo Wu, the Director of Startup Island Taiwan/ the VP of Everiii & Partners/ the Venture Partner of GENESIS, visited INJEEV.

Vincent Tai, the Manager of KGI Fund, visited INJEEV.

Wendy Chuang, the Manager of Lighten, visited INJEEV.

Dr. Tori Hsieh, the Manager of CTBC BANK, visited INJEEV.

INJEEV met with Prof. Gou-Chung Chi, the Former National Policy Advisor to the President/Deputy Minister of National Science and Technology Council/Deputy Minister of Research, Development and Evaluation Commission.

INJEEV participated the Forum of Tai-young SCIENTIFIC CIVILIZATION INSTITUTE (Keynote Speaker: Xin-Zhen Song, the Deputy Director of OCA)


Yuping Huang, the Account Executive of Gartner, visited INJEEV.

Liling Chiu, the Director of Fusionmedium, visited INJEEV.

INJEEV participated 2023 TAIWAN STARTUP WORLD CUP (Keynote Speaker: Bill Reichert, the Partner & Chief Evangelist of Pegasus Tech Ventures)

Jeff and Henry, Founder and Co-Founder of Turing Chain, visited INJEEV.

INJEEV met with Bhavanikumar and Dilipkumar, Founder and Co-Founder of FINFLOW.

INJEEV participated Startup Forum (Panel Speaker: Vice President Lai, Taiwan)

INJEEV participated Strategic Destination for Global Expansion Forum (Keynote Speaker: Ms. Poornima Nasare, President & Business Head of Kotak Mahindra Bank)

INJEEV participated TIA Forum (Keynote Speaker: Ms. RuFen Chen, Cofounder & President of AcroViz Inc./Investor of Sustainable Impact Capital)

INJEEV participated Startup Forum (Keynote Speaker: David Chou, Partner of Seraph Angel Fund Group)

INJEEV met with Bhuvan Dubey, Head of finance of IIT (Madras).

INJEEV participated Investment Summit (Keynote Speaker: President Tsai, Taiwan)

Nice discussion with Founder of LoFTech, the Senior Manager of Deloitte, Chairman of ZERO ONE TECH, and the Professors of NYCU.

INJEEV met with the Leadership Team of Surinova. 

INJEEV participated Supply Chain Forum (Speakers: Director-general of India Taipei Association, Founder of HCL/Chairman of EPIC Foundation, President of DIGITIMES)

INJEEV delivered a speech (R&D Yourself ) at National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan.

INJEEV met with CEO of Holoware.

INJEEV met with Prof. Yuh-Jzer Joung, the Former Director of Science & Technology Policy Research and Information Center/the EMBA Professor of National Taiwan University.

INJEEV met with Dr. Wayne Yen, the VP of Long Time Tech. 

2024 New Year Greeting Card of INJEEV.

INJEEV participated Tamil Nadu Global Investors Meet 2024

INJEEV participated Investment Forum (OSAKA x Tamil Nadu SESSION)

INJEEV participated Investment Forum  (Keynote Speaker: Chia-lung  Lin, Secretary General to the President, Taiwan)